Presentation Schedule

Telehealth Skills ECHO sessions are held on the second Thursday of each month, 1:00pm-2:00pm AEST. Dates and topics of sessions are listed below.

DateTopicPresenterInfo Sheet
14-Mar-24Why TelehealthProf Anthony SmithDownload (PDF)
11-Apr-24Models of Telehealth – Beyond video conferencingA/Prof Liam CafferyDownload (PDF)
09-May-24Bringing telehealth to Community – benefits for First Nations PeoplesTBC
13-Jun-24Telehealth Emergency CareTBC
11-Jul-24Clinician/Consumer Perspectives – What does the evidence sayDr Helen Haydon
08-Aug-24Remote patient monitoringDr Emma Thomas
12-Sep-24Making telehealth routine – business process, staff preparedness and skill developmentProf Anthony Smith
10-Oct-24Palliative Care and TelehealthTBC
14-Nov-24Intro to HealthdirectTBC
08-Jun-23Why TelehealthProf Anthony SmithDownload (PDF)
13-Jul-23Different Perspectives Clinician, Provider and Health ServiceDr Helen HaydonDownload (PDF)
10-Aug-23How to choose a video conference platformA/Prof Liam CafferyDownload (PDF)
14-Sep-23Optimising video consultations – technology and hardwareA/Prof Liam CafferyDownload (PDF)
12-Oct-23Optimising video consultations – room configurationA/Prof Liam CafferyDownload (PDF)
09-Nov-23Optimising video consultations – online communicationDr Helen HaydonDownload (PDF)