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June 2022Prof Ruth Hubbard
Cognition and comorbidities
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May 2022Michelle Cordell
Addressing role and needs of caregivers
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Apr 2022Dr Phil Aitken
Interpretation of Test Results
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Mar 2022Dr Annette Broome
Patient Capacity
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Feb 2022Dr Phil Aitken
Dementia Specific Medications
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Dec 2021Dr Paul Varghese
Medication management of dementia symptoms
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Oct 2021Dr Frederick Graham
Behaviours and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia
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Sep 2021Dr Phil Aitken
Breaking The News To Patients And Family
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Aug 2021Dr Lisa Kelly
Determining Specific Dementia Diagnosis
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Jul 2021Dr Eddy Strivens
Cognitive Testing, Examination and KICA
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KICA Overview (1.3 MB)
Jun 2021Dr Phil Aitken
What to look out for when visiting people in the community
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Dementia ECHO Project Flyer
Single-page flyer that can be printed or emailed to share information about the Dementia ECHO Project.
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Zoom Background
This Zoom virtual background is available for use during Dementia ECHO sessions. Instructions for using a virtual background are available on the Zoom website.
Note: virtual backgrounds work best when best when only one person is in the camera’s view, they are not recommended when two or more people are in the frame.
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Caring for Spirit
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander online dementia education
Resources on understanding dementia

Assessment Forms
Clock drawing test (CDT) (PDF, 95KB)
General depression scale (GDS-15) (PDF, 50KB)
Geriatric clinic – initial interview (DOC, 59KB)
Standardised mini mental state examination (SMMSE) (PDF, 453KB)
Dementia/cognitive decline investigations (DOC, 12KB)
Mini-Cog (PDF, 79KB)

The Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (KICA)
Instruction Booklet (PDF, 43KB)
KICA Tool (PDF, 140KB)

The DREAMT project (Dementia, Regional and remote, Empowering, Aboriginal and Torres Strait, Medicine and Telemedicine and telehealth) aims to improve choice and access to dementia care services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in rural and remote areas.
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